007: Palmtree Project revisited Act III

Shots of the Amy shoe so far~! Meant to do these a couple days ago, actually!

Amy panel side (outside edge), oldschool cutsey tutu style. This should awesome when painted up!
Emblem (inside facing)
Star decal, will need neatening up.


006: Palmtree Project revisited Act II

Left (Sonic) Shoe done! (Excuse the kitchen pictures, had the best light source for this time of night to use for the shots. I'll take better pictures later.)

I'm SO glad the laces worked!
Took a while to get all the greens to work together, but I felt it turned out okay!
More stars. (Starwhore. XD)
Inside facing. Planning to replicate this on the other shoe.
 So far, so good! Planning to get the right (Amy Rose) side done in a couple days turnover. Tomorrow's a busy day family-wise, though. Ho hum~!

005: Palmtree Project revisited Act I

Definately looking a little more lush now!
Close up of Sonic. Lines need redoing, but I'll wait til the last stage.


004: Kandi Project Act I- preplanning.

My current collection of Kandi. Isn't it sad?!
Okay, I started the project like... Over a year ago and I failed to finish it because- well, to be honest my best Kandi DIED, bits of them were taken and I didn't take the time out to get a full range of beads before starting. I'd just grabbed some Neon ones. I'm making a NET note of what I'm getting, because knowing me, I'm just gonna forget again by the time my money rolls through. Which... Will suck. I wish I could makes ones like DeadmoonDreams can. Then again, that'll have to involve sculpey charms as well, and as I want to theme those around Video games and Sonic, that's gonna take a little more forward-planning. Nao~

 Li currently needs:
200x Black and White Letter Beads
200x Frosted Beads (Mixed)
200x Glow In The Dark Pony Beads (Mixed)
100x Glow In The Dark Stars (Mixed)
500x Opaque Stars (Mixed)
2000x Opaque Pony Beads (Mixed)

...Now I can just smack those links when the cash comes in. I want to do them nooooow though. My wrist is so sad. XD;

003: 2010_0730-dejii

That'll work for now. :3 Pretty pleased with the outcome actually!
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002: Diddling with Deji

...And yes, I am still horribly aware of how that sounds. XD;

Once again, I'm up obscenely late. I'm having stupendous amounts of trouble sleeping as of late, especially as I am thinking so much all the fucking time about my art, what I've missed out on, what I need to learn and what I need to focus on, progress with, etc. All of which have come to the forgone conclusion that- quite obviously- as much as I do enjoy drawing Sonic the Hedgehog and related goodies. 1. It's little to zero challenge to do now. Things like NINETEEN didn't provide too much of a challenge other than managing my time on the project as a whole and getting it done on time- in fact, hell, the only thing I learned was when tackling something of that magnitude, do not wait a week prior. 2. I love him, but there's only so many places you can take the concept. 3. The ideas running around my head interest me more, but it does scare me at the same time. There's very much a portion prevalent in me that thinks I won't be able to achieve anythng, but when I do tackle the scraps of concepts I have here and there I'm like "Oh hey, I'm actually not too damn bad at this at all!"

I'm saying all this because once again, late nights bring two things for me: The need to draw and the need to muse over things. Tonight I went back and tackled anthro again; Dejiiko is probably the only solid character I have in my series of originals, all of which whom- like her- will need a total overhaul. Whilst at the same time, tweaking the anthro style so that it's a little less anime, a bit more Western cartoon, with 'me' still very much being in there. The only things stopping me at present are my own limits of what I am able to draw, so I'm trying to break that mould, in that sense. For a while I didn't think I was able to achieve it, until I started work on Dejii tonight, and had one of those crystalline moments again.

Dejiiko's Mini Expression Sheet experiment
...So far, I think the mission is being achieved. I'm pretty proud of myself right now! Will most likely post a larger version of this on deviantART in the future if I feel happy enough to, but as far as original stuff is concerned, I know that 'Tanuki' needs an overhaul, as does Halsentea (probably both with new names), which is gonna be hard work as Dejiiko is an amalgamation of all of their design elements. So... Fff. I'll see how this works out.

001: Ready to launch!

Until my creative juices start flowing again (And yes, I am aware that does sound pretty damn nasty) I have decided that this, indeed, is sexy enough. I will jazz it up a little more with my own custom background. And- providing I'm feeling a little better about it later- my face.

I decided it was time for a new blog. My LJ's going to be left for private thoughts, and this will be left for things that just will NOT fit on Twitter, nor wish to bore my deviantART watchers with. (Though I have to link that up later so that people know it freakin' exists, but there we are~!

What am I doing at present? Nothing. I'm broke and I'm waiting for payments and whatnot to go through before I can do anything. Then hopefully can do some arty things before SoS~ which is just over a week away now! zomg. =O